Competitions and student discounts: festivals follow-up

Get clicking and you never know, you might save a fortune and get top tickets this summer for free – or at a nifty discount


As tickets get more and more expensive, it is little wonder that so many competitions have cropped up to offer freebies to young fans.

In my last blog about expensive festival tickets, I advised going in for a few online competitions and trying your luck. There are also a few student deals and worthwhile ticket schemes for young people, though there aren’t enough out there for my liking!

Here is my pick of the most recent competitions and student/discount deals. Make sure you tick the third party box if it’s there. Check the small print/terms and conditions. Some of these competitions require you to register with the website but you can unsubscribe once you receive your first email if you don’t want extra weekly bulletins.

Remember, these won’t include your transport costs and expenses when you are there, but you’ll still save a bundle on ticket prices if you get lucky.

Clash Music is offering the chance to win tickets to the major festivals happening this summer.

The iTunes festival allows you to select your favourite acts and enters you into a ballot.

Heat  World is offering the chance to win tickets to the Isle of Wight festival.

Win tickets to Glade 2011, courtesy of Spoonfed.

Loaded in the Park has tickets up for grabs via a competition @ Gigwise.


Check out the Rockness Student discount deal – save £14 on tickets for this festival if you’re still studying (make sure you will still be a student by the time you attend!).

I’ve heard good things about the EXIT Festival – now it’s really in my good books, with a student concession deal worth checking out at

Finally, do something good for your community and get free tickets for all-star concerts at Wembley, Royal Albert Hall, Manchester Apollo and more courtesy of the Orange RockCorps scheme. Better still, you don’t have to be a student to apply!

 If you haven’t already read my tickets article, there are some great tips in there.

Later this week – tips on how to get a good deal on mobile phone contracts, even if you fancy a swish smartphone. Yes, you read that correctly.

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