My Weekly Young Money Links

news and views from the internet, all relevant to young finance fans!


How young people are being taught some truly valuable lessons. Daily Mail Money

We suspect many young people are being exploited as interns. This excellent website is campaigning to ensure young workers get a fairer deal and are are looking for current or former unpaid interns to take part in a documentary. Intern Aware

See what some enterprising teenagers would do if they were given £5 to spend! Guardian Money

Ouch. If your phone is an out-dated brick and you’re proud of it, you won’t want to hear this.  Bitter Wallet

Tackling youth poverty and the aspiration gap – read the Princes Trust report here. Princes Trust

Buying a house with friends can be one way of getting a foot on the property ladder. So long as they stay your friends, that is…BBC Business


A former intern gets a pay-out at court for months spent in an unpaid job. Could more follow suit? Guardian Media

As long suspected, we’re paying too much for rail fares, but could things get worse in an attempt to make them better? Sky News

Yikes – fancy sharing your love nest with a gooseberry? Romance is clearly taking a backseat to rent payments these days…Telegraph Personal Finance

And finally, whilst researching my iPhone post earlier this week, I came across this. Enjoy.


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