My Weekly Young Money Links

News and Views from in the internet, all relevant to young finance fans!

It is Money Week starting today, helping kids learn more about money management. Money Week Online

Coming on the back of what I wrote this week, young people are not the only ones turning away from professional financial advice. The Daily Telegraph


It is Bargain Hunter time, courtesy of the Independent – some good deals from the Body Shop and Lovefilm here. The Independent

Hmm, this could be controversial – plans are emerging to name and shame university courses that fail students Guardian Education

How to get on the property ladder – details about the new government scheme and “home saver” accounts Money Supermarket

The changes to student fees and loans, all explained by the money saving expert Martin Lewis…Money Saving Expert

The first-hand account of awful renting can be! Guardian

Oh dear, car insurance premiums are set to rise for young people. Which4u

Check out this interesting blog on frugal living – would YOU make your own shampoo to save money? MSN Money

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